Our design eye is wide and varied. Here our some of our favourite things, thoughts and people.

Spring ?

Art + Design

Here’s a collage of Frida with flowers by artist Helen Gørrill to celebrate the start of spring here in Perth.

Welcome Spring – Goodbye Winter!

Centre for Stories


A new website for Centre for Stories is in the works here at Super Minimal.. such an inspiring and interesting project to be working on.

The Centre is a place where stories are told, shared, and kept. They also run workshops and events where people from all walks of life can learn the craft of storytelling.

Who doesn’t have a story to share?

Robert Götzfried’s Bowling Alleys

Art + Design

Who would have known that Germany is full of old skool bowling alleys! Designer and photographer Robert Götzfried has snapped a bunch in Southern Deutschland.   The sport was a massive hit during the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, so these alleys are a relic of retro genius gone by.

As they say though – It’s not how you bowl, it’s how you roll!

Harper’s Food Market


On the way out of Fremantle along South St you’ll find Harper’s. Run by siblings Jess and Greg along with their dad Craig, the shop is a cosy modern hub of activity offering fresh food, flowers, lunches and coffee.

Their new website is online today!

Helen Smith

Art + Design

Opening tomorrow at Art Collective in Cathedral Square Perth is Helen Smith‘s show Blue Highway.

Helen’s minimal style and bold colours are a joy to see on canvas. Included in the exhibition will be large scale oil paintings and a selection of Helen’s photographic work.  The show runs from 21 April – 19 May 2018.

Margaret River Press


Introducing the brand new MRP website!

This project was so sweet to work on – inspiring content and a detailed brief to create something clean, modern and totally user friendly.

As an independent publisher Margaret River Press required an online store for their books with a seamless check-out experience. A News section, Author Directory and Events pages were also in the mix.

You can view the full site here.

Sam Lucente

Art + Design

These super nice technical drawings of computer insides were done by Sam Lucente in the 1980’s, and have been on show at MOMA in New York a number of times over the years.  Sam later became vice president for design at Hewlett-Packard.

These are circuit boards that conjure up more than just technical biz, they bring to mind checked or plaid textiles, abstract paintings and, in one circular instance, the Maya calendar.

Nora Fleming’s Mis-guided Tour

Art + Design

For all those in Sydney be sure to check out Nola Farman’s upcoming exhibition at Art Space.  Opening on Wednesday 31 January at 6pm, with the exhibition running until Feb 20th.

We nicked this from the Art Space website to give you an idea of what’s in store –

The refined sense of the ridiculous in Nora Fleming’s Mis-guided Tourupends the conventional logic of how art should be viewed, seeming at first to be an unnatural distortion. Here, satire is a weapon in an honourable struggle to show things in a new light. Paradoxically, it indicates a deep respect for a particular system of values, if not for its targets. It is an attempt to turn the compost of art production and asymmetrical encounters to make way for new cultural growth and alternative art practice, in which play is a serious pursuit. Deadly serious. You risk the loss of your certainty and your gravity on a mis-guided tour.

The art world is a pale reflection of the worst and the best on planet earth. What is the place of art in a world that has come to be seen, in global terms, as horror and inequality? Is it Compromise? Aesthetic principles conceding to mediocrity. And yet, this does not inhibit the art market, which is voracious. It is, in its own right, a creative force to be reckoned with.

Happy New Year + PSZ Accounting


Shorty before we unplugged our computers (and brains) for the Christmas holidays we launched PSZ Accounting’s new website.

PSZ have an interesting client base comprising of many creatives along with small to medium businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

Their website reflects this along with their modern ( + cool) vibe!

You can see their new website in all it’s glory right here.