Elusive Practice: the art of Nola Farman

Art + Design

Still creating art at 80 years of age, Nola Farman ‘s career has spanned 60 years and made a major contribution to the Australian art scene.

Hailing from Perth she now resides near the beaches of Sydney.

A fundraiser is happening for the creation of a monograph which will showcase Nola’s lifetime of work.

We received a letter from Dr Permangelo E. Regularis outlining their excitement for the project:

I’m very excited about Nola Farman’s new project and I hope you will be too! For many years I have been encouraging (indeed urging) her to produce a monograph of her work. At last my patience is rewarded and she is doing just that.

 Although I am giving her all the support I can (from my rather remote location in Portugal) she still needs funds to produce what will be a beautiful illustrated tome covering her life’s work.  

 Nola is afraid that everyone in West Australia will have forgotten her by now. But I say how could they?

 Nola has been talking with some wonderful writers and a book designer who have agreed to contribute. In her usual generous way she has offered to pay each one them at a good rate.

 Once again she feels it is not her place or at least it is awkward for her to ask for donations. Even though she has launched a campaign with the Australian Cultural Fund and any donation over $2 will give a donor a tax refund, she still finds it difficult to approach people.

 Of course that is not a problem for me, I am very experienced and enjoy this sort of thing. I think Nola would too if only she could bring herself to do it.

 So on her behalf, I invite (if not urge) each and every one of you to make a donation via https://australianculturalfund.org.au/projects/elusive-practise-nola-farman

 I remain her devoted agent and mentor, and as with all of us, I live in hope.

 Yours truly,

Dr Permangelo E. Regularis

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