Helen Smith at AGWA

Art + Design

May 2014, Alighiero e Boetti from Wikipedia, United Nations 2014

WA Focus is a new annual program dedicated to displaying the work of Western Australian artists at the Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Opening tomorrow night is an exhibition of works by Helen Smith which will be running from 15 August – 18 October 2015. The work on show will represent a broad variety of Helen’s talents including painting and photography across more than a decade of her career (2000 – 2014). This will include her early Bordello series of photographs, you can see a couple of these below. 

We are proud to say we made Helen’s website and you can check it out to see some more of her work.

Stella’s Red House #1 Kalgoorlie 2006

Questa Casa #4 2003 Kalgoorlie

Questa Casa #1 2003 Kalgoorlie