Nora Fleming’s Mis-guided Tour

Art + Design

For all those in Sydney be sure to check out Nola Farman’s upcoming exhibition at Art Space.  Opening on Wednesday 31 January at 6pm, with the exhibition running until Feb 20th.

We nicked this from the Art Space website to give you an idea of what’s in store –

The refined sense of the ridiculous in Nora Fleming’s Mis-guided Tourupends the conventional logic of how art should be viewed, seeming at first to be an unnatural distortion. Here, satire is a weapon in an honourable struggle to show things in a new light. Paradoxically, it indicates a deep respect for a particular system of values, if not for its targets. It is an attempt to turn the compost of art production and asymmetrical encounters to make way for new cultural growth and alternative art practice, in which play is a serious pursuit. Deadly serious. You risk the loss of your certainty and your gravity on a mis-guided tour.

The art world is a pale reflection of the worst and the best on planet earth. What is the place of art in a world that has come to be seen, in global terms, as horror and inequality? Is it Compromise? Aesthetic principles conceding to mediocrity. And yet, this does not inhibit the art market, which is voracious. It is, in its own right, a creative force to be reckoned with.