We are so excited to launch our new website and blog.  This is where we plan on sharing cool/random art and design finds that we come across day to day. Rather than blog about websites and other internet biz (well there might be a bit of this) we hope to use this space to share awesome creative finds.  We also plan to have some guest bloggers from the art and design world too, which is pretty exciting. 

We’ve been building websites for a few years now and have made all sorts of sites from plastic surgeons to diamond energy discs (we aren’t sure what these are either?) and a whole lot of plumbers in between.  Along the way we also built some really beautiful sites for artists, dancers and photographers to name a few.  We realised it was building these sites that we enjoyed the most, so we have decided to specialise in this field and relaunch our website as part of this.

We all come from creative backgrounds ourselves, be it fashion and textiles, illustration or multimedia and building websites for those in creative industries gives us our own creative outlet. It inspires us to stay in touch with everything awesome.

2001: A Space Odyssey

To celebrate this new beginning for us here is an image from Stanley Kubrik’s filmic masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Within a fabulous antiseptic colour code of white on acid yellow, the Rubik’s cube geometry captures something immortal about the kitsch of female servitude under future capitalist conditions made worse by the inconvenience of zero gravity.