Park(ing) Day


Urban open space is a big part of what makes cities and towns vibrant and inviting, but it’s not always easy to find. Today there will be more than usual public space in Fremantle when Park(ing) Day takes place and parking bays will evolve into cool spaces of public art, music and of course green parks to lounge in.

Park(ing) Day originated in San Francisco in 2005 and now takes place annually in 60 cities in 35 countries. We’ve selected a few of the most interesting images from previous years in the US of A.

What could be better than fewer cars and more places to hang out, maybe Park(ing) Day should become a weekly event! Now could we just invent a frisbee that we drive to work?

Parking Day - Washington.jpg
Washington DC

Parking day - LA.jpg
Los Angeles CA

Parking Day - Albany NY.jpg
Albany NY

Parking Day - San Francisco.jpg
San Francisco CA